{ Masashi Ximoto } A.k.a. { Crashing Down From The Gravity } is a musician from Tokyo.
Has participated in a Hardcore; Grindcore; Metal; band. After that,
He began working as beatmaker and describes
this process as awakening to the world of electronic music. 
His productions are focused in #IDM and #Ambient music. 
And in 2017, started a new project, { Masashi Ximoto The Blackest Voltage } = (MSSXMTTBV)
{ MSSXMTTBV } sound style is (post black metal;) + (shoegazer;) + (breakcore;) = Electric Black Gaze


masahi ximoto 1st EP Variegated EP 2songs include

1st ep

NATSU COMPI (V.A.) Theme of Summer compilation Album. M3 Solspectrum

M3 "Solspectrum"

disciplined tracks Remixes (Remix V.A.) Remix Album. M1 rainterlude (Masashi Ximoto remix)

M1 "rainterlude (Masashi Ximoto remix)"

masahi ximoto 2nd 4Location EP 4songs include

2nd ep

 One light, 8songs mini Album. the theme of hope. but if an initial is read perpendicularly...

1st mini album

 OSYOKUJI COMPI (V.A.) Theme of Food compilation Album.

M1 "Salad"

CCCCCC The another name of Crashing Down From The Gravity 5songs EP.

CDFTG 1st ep

society remixing from MOTION by Toshiya Keitoku + dadowana. this remix is only on CD!

"society" remixing

Theme of Winter compilation Album.

M3 "278.15K"

Crashing Down From The Gravity 2nd EP

CDFTG 2nd ep

masahi ximoto 3rd MOMENT 7songs include

2nd mini album

The Frogs Receive A Radio Signal, Build A Rocket And Depart For A Far Away Planet EP is 5songs EP @ Future Disorder

in collaboration with noine.

NICHIJYO COMPI (V.A.) Theme of 日常 compilation Album.

M3 "Morning Coffee Evening Caffeine"

Crashing Down From The Gravity 3nd EP @ bandcamp

CDFTG 3rd ep

KYUJITSU COMPI (V.A.) is Theme of 休日 compilation Album.

M2 "sleep,sleep,eat,,, time remaining is 4hours"

Reconstruqt (Remix V.A.) @ fusz

M4 "floor music (Masashi Ximoto remix)"

JUKAI COMPI (V.A.) Theme of see of trees compilation Album.

M8 "System"

masahi ximoto 1st alubm. NEWEXOSKELETON is 11songs alubm include yuichi NAGAO remix

1st full album

masashi ximoto the blackest voltage is post black metal project. electric blackgaze, shoegazer style.

MSSXMTTBV 1st alubm

M4 "Nebula"

This discography does not describe everything.
We have many other (releases).
Links to my {bandcamp;} {soundcloud;} {youtube;}
on the " link page " of this website;
please check it out!

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